RICHARD DAVIES:  Melodic subversive Australian Rock/Popster has been mounting a series of guitar overdubs, vocals and mixing for his upcoming full length CD at Woolly Mammoth. Cohorts slinging guitars include Jabe Beyer (roots rocker radical) and Steve Brodski from “Cave In” (extreme color 6 string sparkler). Robert Pollard “GBV” asked Richard and Co. to open some of his East Coast dates last April and professed a long term admiration of Richards works especially “Cardinal” If you dig Television, Elliot Smith, Syd Barrett, VU and the like Richard Davies is your Man!

GLADIOLA:  Bill Maddenfuoco and bandmates will resume work on their full length CD this May with more overdubs and mixing. Bill, Jess, Chris and “ Gary ” were the last project to start in our old Boston location . With only days to spare before the building was sold and locked up and Gary 's move to Ireland ,this project had an inherent sense of urgency to get underway and now we can breathe easier seeing it finished at the new Waltham facility. This Brooding Indie Rock is always presented in focused poignant character based lyrics and lilting melodies of guilty melancholic pleasures.

SUTRA:  From the “Volition” days I have had the pleasure of working with Cat Sunderland and her Goth Evocative Chanteuse Vocals and now a brilliant partnership has emerged with Chuck Pukmel to form Sutra. We are doing some O-dubs and primarily mixing a full length for future release. Chuck's guitar, bass work and creative command of electronica makes the perfect foil for Cat's nether worldly melodic haunts that bear emotions via this mortal's coil and yet compels us from another bloodless dimension . Beautiful and poisonous music.

LEO BLAIS:  Again Leo Blais has set himself apart from the crowd by following his own compass of Beatlesque Divining songs that really are crawl spaces of the heart that pose very direct testimonials to our daily introspections inside our heads. Piano based but not Ben Folds Five, plenty of guitars yet a broad sense in the value of “real strings” Rhodes, and a 52 pick up around the symphony's rehearsal space. Somehow the content never sounds indulgent and the muscle in the rhythm section on this latest twenty songs makes you stay for the ride. Cinematic and Unrequited we have all felt this way before but couldn't have composed more succinctly.

VINYL SKYWAY:  Truly hitting their stride Michael Hayes, Andy Santaspago, Booth Hardy and Rob are quickly assembling full length #2 with lots of Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards and mixing. Having known Michael in the studio spanning many years and projects (Lemonpeeler, Everything Else) I feel caught up in the artistic momentum that seems to be building with this batch of songs, musicians and the fuck all confidence of working in the trenches together all this time. Devastatingly honest detail as the narrator brings forth the good and the bad news with deceptively sweet aching hooks and harmonies. A pure distillation of clarity that in the bottle could at first listen seem as safe as water but also taste altogether potent and dangerously intoxicating, how do I get home now? Andy is taking full advantage of the Guitar and Amp collection at Woolly and its secret charms.