WOOLLY MAMMOTH is an artist's studio in terms of design and execution. Acoustically balanced, controlled, yet reactive musically. Plenty of space, sight lines and comfort, not some bunker without air or light.

Plenty of comforts and convenience included.

  • Parking and Commuter Rail stop a 3-minute walk away.

  • Enjoy a lobby area with couches, sofas, stereo, wi-fi, and Rocking Chairs!

  • A fully stocked kitchenette area so food, coffee, drinks or whatever can make the day-to-day living economical and smart.

  • Even a futon, washer and dryer for those stopping in the middle of tours or visiting from out of town.

  • A 5-minute walk downtown to Moody St. will offer fabulous diversions of excellent ethnic restaurants and funky thrift stores which can break the writers block or creative fatigue.

Woolly is an incredible Bang for your Buck deal with no “hidden costs." 

After a studio tour, it’s a no-brainer compared to the other choices out there.

Hope you can check it out and make it your creative home for a project sometime soon!

All the best—Now Get Recording!       

David Minehan (Owner/Producer/Engineer/Musician)